Ukulele Jam


The River Ukes


Meet on Saturdays at Kent Street Weir

Corner of Kent Street and Queen’s Park Road, Wilson

Perth, Western Australia.

All welcome. Leave a message for details of next meeting.



22 thoughts on “Ukulele Jam”

      1. Thanks I found

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    1. It is a jam session not a lesson and you would probably enjoy it more if you could play a few basic chords. There are plenty of online tutorials. Have a look at the Links page for a few suggestions. Good luck.

  1. Just been looking at your web site, it great, and i’m sure it’s going to a great help to me, so thank you for your hard work.
    I’ve been to Kent st the last couple of weeks, but i couldn’t find the group, am i missing something? Maybe going to the wrong place?
    Very much looking forward to meeting some of your group.

    1. Hi Steve, The last 2 Saturdays we have not been able to get the usual gazebo and have set up near the minature railway. If there are no ukuleles in the gazebo by the car park have a look around the rest of the park.

  2. Hi, Are you playing Sat 7 March? If so, besides our ukes, what should we bring? Is there a known conflict you’ll be using.
    Look forward to seeing you Sat

    1. Yes. We are planning to meet at Kent Street but will have to compete for space with an event. May have to set up under the trees. Bring folding chairs and music stand. Songbook is online and can be downloaded to a tablet or iPad if you have one.

  3. Hi there, I am moving to WA early November. I am a keen ukulele enthusiast. Are the River Ukes still meeting at the Weir on Saturday mornings? I’d love to join you if you are. Kind regards, Evelyn

      1. Great news, thanks Gay. I will look forward to joining you mid November.
        Cheers, Evelyn

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Ukulele Perth