Ukulele Jam


The River Ukes


Meet on Saturdays at Kent Street Weir

Corner of Kent Street and Queen’s Park Road, Wilson

Perth, Western Australia.

All welcome. Leave a message for details of next meeting.




17 thoughts on “Ukulele Jam”

  1. We are the De Luz Ukes in southern California. A mate of mine Merv Lumsden whom I grew up with in Rhodesia saw your group practicing in a park in Perth and sent me your link. Glad to see the friendly uke is spanning the globe. If we ever get “Down Under” would love to join your jam.

  2. I would love to join your uke group when i am in Perth. When do you meet? Is it every Saturday morning or every 2nd Ssturday? What time?

    Kind regards

    Val faulkner

  3. are you guys still meeting, we are visiting perth over Christmas / new year and wondered if you know of any jamming sessions the first 2 weeks of Jan 16 thanks

  4. Hi all. I’m 75 and have been playing uke since I was twelve and to all newcomers, I am still learning! We never stop! We meet others and we play like nutters! It’s great so welcome all if you are just learning or are like me – long in the uke!
    Jay Dunning
    Perth, West Australia

  5. Please could you advise if there is a meeting this Saturday. I recently bought a uke & would love to learn about playing. Look forward to your reply.
    Kind regards,

  6. Hi there river ukes.
    You are wondering what happened to that gal with the martins!
    Well i m in Thailand for a while teaching english to a group of adult thais who are attending a bible training course. We have 12 in the group.
    I did come on my last saturday to say farewell but the weather was sooo bleak noone
    showed up.
    There’s a group here from china as well and happily a fellow in the group has taught hundreds to play uke!! 8 of us raced out and bought ukes today. So its on!
    Im hoping to at least reach beginners level. Im hoping i dont sound chinese!!
    Back on christmas eve so will connect to you then.
    Julie Hannaford

  7. Hi there. I’m wondering if theirs group will be continuing to meet in 2017, if so when and where is the next opportunity for me to come along?

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Ukulele Perth